The GOG brand belongs to polish eyewear company PROSTAF founded in 1991. We are one of the leaders in sport sunglasses and ski goggles industry in Poland. The first sport sunglasses collection was designed in 2004 in Los Angeles, California. Today our sunglasses and ski goggles are present in more than 20 countries all over the world.

Our mission is to provide professional eyewear and ensure eye protection whatever the weather. GOG sport sunglasses and ski goggles are perfect tool for active people to improve their performance. The brand philosophy refers to three simple words: Good Or Greater.

Discover our range of GOG professional eyewear. It starts with sunglasses for outdoor sports, glacier and high mountains. Further check our wide selection of high quality performance sunglasses for cycling and running. We also deal with perfect for everyday wear lifestyle sunglasses and durable sunglasses for kids and juniors. The collection is completed with sunglasses for cross-country skiing and ski goggles.

We create our products in close co-operation with experts and athletes from all over the world. This way we can deliver high-end eyewear with innovative technologies. In the design process we select top quality materials and follow global trends. At the same time we are aware that sport performance requires comfort of the user. Our products are equipped with durable lenses and frames made of flexible and impact resistant materials. All GOG products meet european, american and australian standards to ensure 100% protection against UVA and UVB harmful radiation.


Polarized lenses block irritating glare from light reflecting off flat surfaces eg. road, water and snow. These advanced lenses are perfect choice for all types of outdoor activities on bright sunny days. Lenses with polarized filter improve visual clarity and color contrast to enhance visual comfort and increase safety of the user. Polarized lenses reduce eye strain.



Photochromic lenses efficiently adapt to various light conditions. Under the influence of solar radiation TRANSMATIC lenses are ranging from cat. 1 to cat. 3 in sport sunglasses and from cat. S2 to cat. S3 in ski goggles. The photochromic lenses guarantee permanent viewing comfort in various shades of light.


A practical system that allows you to change lenses to match your glasses to current weather and lighting conditions. Eyeglasses equipped with the intuitive lens replacement system come with at least one set of additional lenses and a hard case. Each model with an exchange system comes with a base lens that finds use on sunny days. Depending on the model, the set may also include clear lenses to protect the eyes from wind, mud, insects, or contrast-enhancing lenses (yellow/orange/pink) that are perfect for low-light conditions.